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Summer, 1994

Silver Shores, Cape Cod 

O.J. Simpson is chased in his white Bronco, the Beastie Boys have just released ill Communication, and the Major League Baseball strike is looming.

For 19-year-old Colin Brennan, summertime should be one of the best times of his young life. But the beautiful scenery is instead a constant reminder of a tragic accident that took the lives of his two best friends.

Colin’s 23-year-old brother Dermot returns from a winter in Ireland and gets a job working for the island ferry. Dermot wants to help his little brother, but he can’t even help himself. He’s dealing with his own loss – a breakup with the girl he thought was “the one.”

Life is spiraling out of control for Colin, He started drinking so he could remember his friends – now he drinks to forget them.

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