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Cape Cod holds an enchantment for everyone who visits. It is also home to several generations of locals. 

During the summer months, the ocean waves mix the two together and provide both entertainment and tensions.

For a kid growing up on the beaches of Cape Cod the possibilities are seemingly endless. 


Coffee Obsession

A Staple of Falmouth Mass. Coffee Obsession is the perfect setting for locals to convene and discuss the comings and goings of the Cape. 

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The Tides Motel

The tides motel is an ideal setting for many scenes in the movie. It also has generously provided productions with affordable and comfortable crew and talent housing options. 

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Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 9.24.08 AM.png
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Grumpy's Pub

Grumpys has legendary status amongst locals of the Cape. It is a place to share amazing local music and swap fishing stories. The colorful appeal of the nostalgic interior make this the perfect setting for The Running Waves.

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The Writer's Shack

The Writer's Shack is the place to go to get ideas made. The childhood home of our two writers, the Murphy Brothers, and the setting for our Characters high school hangout. This is a fully dressed set that pops on the screen.

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The Falmouth Yacht Club

The Yacht Club is the perfect spot to showcase both the Tourists and the locals. It is an incredible place film both day and night. 

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