Silver Shores Shanty

T.M. Murphy - Posted in Locations on August 03, 2016

The Silver Shores Shanty has become a haven for tourists, locals, and families to dock their appetites and treasure the tastes of Old Cape Cod.


Fiction meets reality with the lingering scent of fried clams in the salty air and that’s where you’ll find Silver Shores, Cape Cod.

Silver Shores and The Shanty was first introduced in our novel, The Running Waves. Seton and I grew up in Falmouth Heights but we wanted to create a fictional place in our book so we called it Silver Shores. Summer after summer we also hung out at a converted garage called, “The Writers’ Shack” but decided to call it, “The Shanty.”

Bobby Flynn, a page turning proprietor, read the book and then approached Seton and me.

“Reading The Running Waves brought me back to 1994 and sparked an idea. I want to create a neighborhood restaurant like your Pucky’s Pub in the book. You know, a place for everyone where people can relive old memories of the Heights or create new ones. We will have only one requirement - B.Y.O.S.”

“B.Y.O.S.?” We echoed, puzzled.

“Bring your own sand,” Bobby grinned.

Seton and I laughed, shook Bobby’s hand and our voyage began. It has been tremendously rewarding, but our ultimate dream has always been to make the town of of Silver Shores, Cape Cod come alive on the movie screen. It has been that dream even before we wrote the book. Our dad always said, “If you have a dream you can’t just dream it. You have to work at it.”

That’s what we have done and were extremely fortunate to meet Scott Lebeda & Alecia Jean Orsini Lebeda (A.J.) of Good Natured Dog Productions. They get everything about the story and us. They know that we don’t want to make this movie for fame and fortune but for preserving that precious time of the early nineties on Cape Cod forever on a movie screen.